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today i made this page!!! i have been listening to Retrospective Sapporo by IOSYS alot today. its a really nice arrange of Retrospective Kyoto and i want to find more music that sounds like this :D but i dont know the genre name... but maybe ill find out eventually!


i barely slept all night and i got sick because of it (sob emoji) but im sure when i go to bed tonight ill feel better tomorrow!!!! i didnt do anything productive today because of feeling sick and if i did do something then i dont remember it.. but for fun i decided to look back at pop'n music!!!! my favorite character used to be sunny she is sooo cute i dont know why i forgot about her!! especially since before 2020 i would always play as her at the arcade! my favorite design of sunny is her pop'n music 8 design.. i also loved karoline and yangels but actually only karoline, she is soo pretty!!! i dont have much elseto say so i will end it here today


i have a new spider roommate! spiders like to come and hang out in my room every now and then, and sometimes they even stay!! but honestly i cant tell if this spider is the same spider as the last one, because its in the same spot as the other spider, but its bigger than it. i will just name it taranza the second..i hope it has a nice time! if it leaves which it probably will then thats fine too


happy pride month and happy summer!!!! i didnt update the past couple days because nothing really happened but yesterday i ordered an sd card for my wii so i can take screenshots in accf! maybe ill make an accf blog when it gets here!! also, the flipnote hatena archive was released and i finally found the flipnote ive been wanting to see for forever!!!!! i started to cry tears of joy i was so happy..i also watched dragon half it was really funny and i might also read the manga since the anime was Very shortlived (only two episode)


i accidentally fell asleep on the couch last night and nobody got me up to make me go back to my room..? but today i am visiting my nana! she has a cat named cujo he actually used to be my cat but i couldnt bring him with me when i moved away so i gave him to her, hes very sweet and cute!!! heres a picture of him! link because idk if pictures will work in scroll boxes


nothing really happened today but i played accf for about 20 minutes and rewatched the cat soup movie, its one of my favorite movies ever

6/8/2022 and 6/9/2022

yesterday i took apart my bed and washed the mattress and pillow and everything since i hadnt for a while, but i had to sleep on the living room couch because i did it so late! today i put it back together so im going to sleep in my room again!! my bed is one of the only places i can lay or sit in without being in pain so im happy that its back in my room.. my spider taranza the second also moved spots, it moved from the corner of my closet door to the outlet under the window, its kind of inconvenient but theres an outlet behind my bed so its probably okay as long as he is fine im fine!


hi!! sorry i havent updated this in so long, like ive said before nothing interesting ever happens in my life but the past couple days ive been staying at my nanas house (again) because my mom needed to go out of town.. i think i go back home on the 19th? im not really sure


Ive been working on a magicians quest remix album, its going good so far!!!!! so far ive made 4 songs and i hope that i can finish it soon


hello world!!! its been quite a while.. my life is as uneventful as its always been, but recently ive met up with all my irl friends again after so long!! how cool is that?!?!?! i also finished the magicians quest remix album but i probably wont be showing it anytime soon because its quite embarrassing ... ive also looked into a rhythm game called 'cool cool toon' and its very awesome!! i think my fav character is ranke..! one more thing.. i think my laptop might die soon!!! :( so if i ever stop updating this site for more than a week that is what happened.. but it still has a little time left! maybe i might even be wrong about it ending, we will just have to see.. also, taranza the second is doing well! he caught something a couple weeks ago but im not sure what it was, he's still by the outlet under the window and he probably isnt moving any time soon. thats all i think, see you!!!!!!


today i visited my aunts house, it wasnt really fun but my cousin was being nice to me so thats pretty cool. (shes gotten so old i cant believe it!!!!) i also got a new ds game named Touch Detective i finished the first case and it was really interesting!!!! i think my favorite character is penelope.. but to be fair the other characters havent really gotten the main focus yet so maybe itll change!